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Have you heard about Leanne King? If you want to learn how to use WordPress in your internet marketing endeavors and to make money online, Leanne is the right person to learn from. She is well-known as a WordPress Queen and she is an undeniable WordPress expert. I know her from a private Internet Marketing Forum run by James Schramko where she solves all the issues, answers all the questions and gives great tips and advice on WordPress. From time to time we exchange tweets as well and I like to visit her WP Qeen Blog for more useful info.

She is also the author of an e-book called “Wordpress for Internet Marketers” or “WordPress Bible”, which I bought shortly after I got to know her. What I find extremely useful is that there is enough information for both amateurs and advanced WP users. After reading her e-book as a beginner, I continued to go back to it even as I progressed to the advanced level of operating WordPress.
This e-book consists of 899 pages – is the largest single source on WordPress on the market and is a thorough approach to various aspects of WordPress and its significant role in internet marketing.

Wordpress in Internet Marketing


From the Bible, you can easily learn how to use WordPress and in particular about:

  • How to install WordPress step by step, using hosting services provided by Hostgator, which I use myself and strongly recommend
  • Interesting themes and skins, favicons, plugins
  • Creating posts and the design of a website
  • Amazon, Ebay on WordPress – how to make it work
  • Clickbank and Commission Junction in relation with WP
  • How to create article directories
  • Creating e-stores, using Magento for example
  • Creating Forums
  • RSS and SEO
  • These are only some of the issues described in this e-book. The great thing is that apart from the written information and useful links, Leanne put an amazing amount of screenshots to show how to install and implement various solutions she writes about.

Have a look below at one of the pages of her e-book:

Table of contents Volume 3.2

Wordpress for internet marketers


Do I see any drawbacks of the e-book?
You might find, when you use the particular software she describes, that some of her screenshots may not look exactly the same as yours. I noticed that when she writes about using Hostgator hosting services for the WP installation process, but since the time of her writing, Hostgator has changed the layout and design of its website somewhat, as well as some of the technical solutions. It didn’t disturb me much, as the changes are in many cases cosmetic and the support provided by Hostgator is excellent.

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  • Martyna August 3, 2010, 9:32 am


    yes, it is a great resource. It introduced me to Magento. Just this one information is priceless. And the book if full of them.

    thanks a lot

    • Justyna Bizdra August 6, 2010, 7:40 pm

      Hey Martyna,

      Great you liked the book! It is really amazing how many valuable Wordpress related topics she explained in her Bible 🙂

  • Wilton Kingry November 16, 2010, 1:56 am

    thank you alot for all this great facts on how to make funds on the web, i genuinely am keen to find out a lot more about this topic as i started my personal journey here online! hoping that i will be in a position to implement all of this and perhaps get some cash out of this :). will positive be logging in right here a couple of a lot more occasions to find out some updates, thnx.

  • Allen Hill June 19, 2012, 5:40 am

    I too learned about Magento from the Wordpress Bible. Actually a big chunk of what I now know either came from this product or it started me down the right path.


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