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RSS feed submission toolI am a big fan of Web Traffic Genius. It’s a powerful Rss feed submission tool. It also generates new feeds whenever you publish new content. I use it on most of my sites, both WordPress and non-Wordpress ones and it is a massive link building machine 🙂

If you are new to this software, on my blog, you will find a lot of useful information about it. In this post I wrote a detailed review of Web Traffic Genius and RSS Bomber.

However, just 4 days ago Tim and Anthony Buchalka from Web Traffic Genius released a long awaited major update to their tool. The amount of improvements is massive. The best thing is that now RSS Feeds are submitted to 50+ RSS Agregators, instead of formerly 20 and also the tool generates and submits feeds created from pages as well as from posts, and before only posts were taken care of!

Here are just some of the many new features:

1. The number of RSS Aggregators has been increased dramatically. There are now 50 + aggregators.

2. Aggregators have been sorted into three types.

  • Ones that do not require a username/password or captcha code.
  • Ones that require a username/password but not a captcha code.
  • Ones that require a captcha and possibly a username/password as well.

3. Captcha Code Support
The Web Traffic Genius now supports three optional  CAPTCHA services. No other software does that and it works extremely  well  and automatically. That makes a dramatic difference to your backlink creation, page rank  and web traffic.

4. Keywords in RSS feed names.
The RSS feed that is created, whenever you publish new post now uses the title of the post in the filename, which obviously is a huge benefit in terms of SEO.

5. Deactivation of the plugin caused settings to be lost, this has been fixed.

6. A list of RSS Feed URL’s is now available for copying/pasting into other applications.

7. Randomness of extra feeds has been fixed because in some cases a truly “random” extra feed(s) were not added to the main feed when RSS feeds were created.

8. Import/Export has been improved to automatically backup/restore extra feeds and captcha service information as well.

9. Spinning capability has been added for extra feeds titles and descriptions.

10. Web Traffic Genius now supports processing for WordPress pages as well as posts.

11. RSS Feed summary/detailed option in the options screen has been added to include a summary instead of the whole post, etc.

12. Upgrade capability added – It is not possible to use the WordPress inbuilt upgrade capability for plugins as this is only able to be used for free plugins on the site. Anthony and Tim Buchalka have added their own upgrade capability to enable upgrading to the new version without requiring a manual installation.

These are only some of the huge changes of this powerful RSS feed submitter tool and feed generator. Check out Web Traffic Genius website to find out more!

  • Bill @ SEO Expert November 3, 2010, 10:47 pm

    The Web Traffic Genius upgrade is huge!

    I already use this software on some of my websites, combining it with other marketing techniques. Altogether it brings very satisfying results.

    Now when WBT added more feed aggregators, it’s even more tempting for me to spend the time to install it on more sites of mine.

    Thanks for the list of new features!

    • Justyna November 3, 2010, 10:51 pm

      Hi Bill,

      yes, it takes some time to install the software but it’s one time-process and it automates RSS marketing nicely:)


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