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There are millions of websites out there that cover various topics, some of which deliver more or less valuable information. But how do you find the good ones, the ones that offer high quality products and services, including access to internet marketing coaching forums? It’s not easy, especially because the best products and services don’t necessarily appear on the first pages of search engines results.

How about a mentor?
One of the solutions is to find a mentor who is an expert in his niche and to use his guidance to speed up the learning process to become successful faster! There is no doubt about it. If you want to enter a new niche, learn new skills, or start a new business, you can choose between doing it the slow and painful way or using the knowledge and experience of an expert who is willing to share it! It is essential to find a good mentor, someone whom you trust, who is reliable, honest, successful and possesses extensive knowledge in his area of expertise.

That’s why I like to learn from the best!
I’m talking about James Schramko.

James Schramko

He is the guy behind a very popular and valuable blog – Internet Marketing Speed – where you can find a lot of incredibly useful information, audio files, and video interviews with many of the world-class internet marketing gurus. Not only does James Schramko believe in constant improvement and he learns new things all the time, but he is also very friendly and creative. What’s more, he is highly successful and built his seven-figure internet marketing business from scratch. There are many internet marketing experts out there, but most of them specialize in chosen aspects of internet marketing. Schramko, on the other hand, learns from them and then continues to refine what he knows all the time. He even refers to himself as a generalist, as he learned about all aspects of internet marketing and his knowledge and skills are extensive. Furthermore, he surrounds himself and cooperates with people who specialize in various aspects of internet marketing.

Luckily he has created his own internet marketing coaching forum!
It’s a place for both beginners and more advanced users of the internet, and especially for those who want to build their online business and make some money out of it :)).

What do you get as a forum member:

  • access to weekly webinars where Schramko shares his proven strategies and techniques to succeed in online business
  • incredibly valuable advice and tips on every subject related to internet marketing and valuable recommendations on good software and services (which Schramko tests and uses)
  • SuperFastStart – 10 week course with 14.5 hours of training Ninja Affiliate Tactics and Fast Cash Strategies modules
  • access to world-class experts like James Schramko, Dean Hunt, Leanne King (called WordPress Queen) and others, and you get the opportunity to ask them questions
  • access to unique tools, which allow fast building of search engine optimized websites and blogs, such as affiliate sites, squeeze pages, name capture, etc
  • a friendly, supportive atmosphere and the ability to build friendships with like-minded internet marketers from all over the world

The list is truly impressive! After I joined James Schramko’s internet marketing forum, I built many websites which attract quite a few visitors and I know how to drive even more valuable traffic to them. Recently I’ve met some of the forum members in London.

Before you decide to invest any money in this paid private forum, get FREE access to the Fast Cash Video Tutorial and learn how to create new income stream today.


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