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Thesis theme seo framework videoSeveral weeks ago, I wrote about recent updates to Thesis theme SEO framework. Those who use it, have been waiting impatiently for the Thesis 2.0 version, which is expected to introduce revolutionary solutions. I’m one of such impatient Thesis users and lovers :).

In the meantime, if you don’t have Thesis and consider buying it, or you’ve just bought it and you don’t know how to use it, I’ve made a short video to help you with that.

In the video below, you’ll find out:

  1. Where to find Thesis after successful installation.
  2. What options and settings you have available.
  3. Where to easily upload header image and favicon to your site.
  4. Where to restore Thesis Options in case of any unexpected loss of data.

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  • Ryan Hanley April 20, 2012, 5:53 pm

    I’m always debating between Genesis and Thesis… Thank you for another reason that I need to switch!!

    Ryan H.


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