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Connecting on a Global Scale with Social Media

In Social Media

Languages and social mediaSocial media is a key part of an online marketing strategy, but if you want to use it to its full potential don’t forget about the global reach of the internet. When you are playing on an international stage a lack of scope can restrict you before you’ve even started.

Communicating from the Right Platform
There’s still a common misconception that the internet is populated only by English speakers. [click to continue…]

Thesis Theme SEO Framework New Video

In Reviews, Video & Audio

Thesis theme seo framework videoSeveral weeks ago, I wrote about recent updates to Thesis theme SEO framework. Those who use it, have been waiting impatiently for the Thesis 2.0 version, which is expected to introduce revolutionary solutions. I’m one of such impatient Thesis users and lovers :).

In the meantime, if you don’t have Thesis and consider buying it, or you’ve just bought it and you don’t know how to use it, I’ve made a short video to help you with that.

In the video below, you’ll find out: [click to continue…]

Facts about Online Consumer Behaviour 2011-2015

In IM Strategies

Online consumer behaviour factsOnline Consumer Behaviour can be measured and estimated for the coming years. The results are very interesting, but considering how fast Internet is developing the data is not that much surprising.

But find out below. What you will read and see below may change your approach to internet marketing:

  • 2.32 billion – global online population by 2014
  • 178.5 million – number of online consumers in USA in 2011
  • $279 billion – estimated mobile commerce sales by 2015

[click to continue…]

Will Market Samurai become paid monthly service?

In Reviews

Best keyword search tool Market SamuraiMarket Samurai is the leading keyword search tool enabling you also to track your keywords, check the top ten competitors for a chosen keyword and to do some other things to thoroughly research your chosen niche and make good use of it.

The software has been free if you wanted to use just the keyword research module. Access to other modules becomes open after paying one-time fee – directly or following a free trial. (Free trial gives you a generous discount on the whole payment amount). [click to continue…]

New laptop backup tool review: Clickfee C6

In Reviews

Laptop backup tool Clickfree C6If you have internet business – computer must be one of the most important tools you use in your business. That’s my case, especially that I travel a lot and carry it with me.
I like exotic countries, where it’s hot, sunny and close to the beach. Unfortunately, many of such places aren’t usually safe. Their climate is also not very much laptop friendly. However, I was lucky so far – my computer has not yet been stolen or damaged in any other way :)

In search of…
To protect data stored on my computer, I’ve been searching for the best possible solution. Something which is: [click to continue…]