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The health and Security of your Website

WordPress Website maintenance is often considered as a chore, but it is extremely necessary. Most WordPress sites, with a little extra care, can become unreliable and slow. If you are not maintaining your website, then you are inviting many nasty security issues.

From a security viewpoint, a poorly maintained website can become your liability. Useless files and data can slow down the speed of your site. Unnecessary content such as comment span can slow down your site and also badly affect your search engine rankings. In fact, security faults can allow hackers to get into your site and spread malware.

Regular maintenance is important for a reliable and healthy website

In this blog post, we are going to learn the most important areas of your WordPress website that need to be maintained.
Before making any major changes make sure to keep current backup of your website with an objective to protect the authenticity of your website.

Well, here is a short review on what we will be covering in this blog post:

1. Keeping a backup of your site
2. WordPress Updates
3. Processing comments
4. Setting up Security
5. Tracking the health of a website
6. Optimizing your database



Backups are an important part of ensuring the health of your website in a long run. However, most of the website owners neglect this process.
Well, automatic backups are going to be the simplest procedure, but it is imperative to regularly test your backups to confirm that they are functioning properly. You have various options to choose from when picking up a backup system. Below you will see some of the most popular options.

Selecting a Plugin

There are wide number of high-rated WP plugins that will allow you to automate and elucidate the entire process of backup. The following are the most common paid plugins:
• CodeGuard
• VaultPress
• blogVault
• Snapshot

Selecting a Backup Plugin

If you are looking for free plugins, WordPress offers you some handy free plugins such as:
• BackWPup Free
• BackUp WordPress
• UpdraftPlus

Ask your Web Hosting Provider for backup option

Many web hosting providers offer options to have scheduled backups for your WordPress website. You can search out this within cPanel, or by examining your original hosting agreement to see if regular backups are included in your plan or not.

WordPress Updates

WordPress Updates

WordPress software updates are released regularly and this includes the WordPress core with any themes and plugins that you have installed.
Being a WordPress owner, it is essential for you to regularly update your website because it can intensify the performance of your website. If you don’t install these updates, then you will leave your site more open to attackers and they will easily get into your site.

While updating your WordPress site, ensure you upgrade the WordPress core, then all theme and then any plugins. This will help you avoid any plugin and theme conflicts that can take down your website.

If your site contains a lot of plugins, then ensure you upgrade them one by one. So, if any conflict arises, you will easily find out the main cause.

Comments Spam


Comment Spam comes in the form of low-grade comments that are generally posted with an objective to build a backlink. Such comments are very common that don’t relate to your blog post.

The simple way to deal with comment spam is to stop it before it hit hard. In fact, you should use anti span techniques that will help you prevent a flood of spam comments from ever plaguing your site.


Akismet is a plugin that checks your comments against the Akismet Web service to view if they look like spam or not and then allow you to see the spam it catches under your blog’s comments admin screen.

This plugin comes with each installation of WordPress. But, if it is not, then you can follow these steps below:

1. First go to Plugins > Add New, and look out for Akismet, once you have located it in the search results and then click ‘Install Now’.
2. Go back to the installed plugins screen and locate Akismet. Then, click Sign up for an Akismet API key and follow the procedure to get your API key.
3. Navigate to Settings > Akismet and place your API key.
Now you are all set and use Akismet to block spam.

How to Disable Comments?

Another amazing option is to disable comments from your website; you can do this with the help of a plugin called Disable Comments. You just need to install this plugin and it will automatically disable all your spam comments.

The health and Security of your Website

You can keep your site healthy and boost your performance at its highest possible level. With the help of Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, you will be able to get comprehensive site metrics, so can detect which areas of your site are performing well. By checking out the statistics of your site on regular basis, you will be able to avoid issues before they become too complicated to handle.
The most common website health issues include extreme site downtime, broken links and slow loading pages. It will be better to monitor your metrics to notice any indirect changes in these areas before they become immoderate.
To an addition, security of a site is another aspect of site health. The size of your website and overall security measures will determine your procedure.

Many website owners use plugins such as:
• Sucuri
• Wordfence
• iThemes Security Pro

How to optimize and maintain Database?

Optimize and Maintain Database

If your website has a lot of traffic and contains tons of content, then it becomes imperative for you to maintain your database. By doing this, you will be efficiently cleaning out the cobwebs of your site. It will help you improve your loading speeds and also reduce the frequency of database errors.

You can use a WordPress plugin to keep your database clean and up-to-date. You can use any of the following plugin that will allow you to optimize and maintain your database:
• WP Clean Up
• WP DBManager
• WP-Optimize
• Cleanup Images

You can use any of these plugins and clean up your database quickly and efficiently.


In this blog, we explored the easy guideline that will help you maintain your WP site without any difficulty. Now, maintain your website regularly and boost its performance and overall productivity.


Author Bio: Maggie Sawyer is an experienced website developer by profession as well as a blogger by hobby. She works for MarkupHQ, the Best PSD to WordPress Company that provide complete WordPress solution, with 100% guaranteed result. She likes to write and share tutorials on WordPress customization services.


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