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Fast Web Formula 2 is almost sold out!

This internet marketing seminar attracts huge amount of attendees. No wonder why, as among speakers, there will be crème de la crème of internet marketing gurus:

  • John Carlton,
  • Ed Dale,
  • Kenny Goodman,
  • Josh Anderson,
  • Mike Rhodes,
  • Brian Johnson,
  • James Schramko of course and many more…

I heard from James in Super Fast Results forum that many internet marketing experts contact him now to speak at the event, knowing who else is coming 😉

Sydney will be hosting this internet marketing event – some people say – the best seminar this year! Don’t miss this one!

September 10-12, 2010


Fast Web Formula 2 live event is already full and closed for public. You can however listen to some free interviews James did with Ed Dale, Kenny Goodman, John Carlton and other internet marketing experts! They all reveal some secrets of their online success and what works the best for them. They will also give you the feel of what you really miss by not attending the event!

But, the good part is that you can pre-order the DVD’s, which will be recorded during the event, only for a fraction of price of the live event. Attendees had to pay more than $3000 to take part in Fast Web Formula 2. You will be able to watch the whole seminar withing the comfort of your house, for less than $300. But you need to act fast, as it is only a special pre-seminar offer!

Get FWF 2 recordings

Fast Web Formula 2 event


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