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Wordpress & Blogging

Important Guidelines to Consider the WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Website maintenance is often considered as a chore, but it is extremely necessary. Most WordPress sites, with a little extra care, can become unreliable and slow. If you are not maintaining your website, then you are inviting many nasty security issues. From a security viewpoint, a poorly maintained website can become your liability. Useless [...]

Optimizing Images Tips

Search engines like Google index images (record and catalogue the image in their databases) like they index text. Having images on your website that are fully optimized for search engines can improve your site's listing in SERPs (search engine result pages), giving your site a shot at being on the coveted page 1 or 2 [...]

An extremely useful SEO plugin for WordPress

New wordpress plugins are being created every single day. Today I would like to recommend you 1 excellent SEO Wordpress plugin. SEO Yoast This free plugin is one of the most complex and best SEO solutions for on-page optimization. Yoast is a well-known expert in SEO. Yoast has an array of other great plugins. Some [...]

What Twitter, DiggDigg, Twitterlinks Comments and Thesis Have in Common

Recently I’ve made some changes on my blog, which: help me to better integrate my blog with social media, help my readers to increase Twitter followers and hopefully help to discover new valuable Twitter users to follow. First, I deleted a free Wordpress plugin, which I used to use:  1-click-retweetsharelike. What I liked about that [...]

Must Read Facts About WordPress RSS Aggregator Plugin

On my blog you can find a lot of useful information about RSS Marketing. I have even devoted a whole 11-page chapter of Traffic Ten writing about this method of backlink building and driving traffic to your websites. The tool which I use is Web Traffic Genius. Because I received some questions about WTG and [...]