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Recent CommentLuv Plugin Update Important Settings

CommentLuv plugin is one of the standard plugins I use on most of my blogs. I recommend it also to other bloggers. If you don’t know the plugin yet, it is one of the best plugins to reward your readers for leaving comments. To find out more about it watch how David Maddux shows the [...]

Super Affiliate Guy Video Course Double Bonus

In my previous post I mentioned Andy Grand and his excellent brand new product Super Affiliate Guy Course. It is in fact a must have course if you want to earn much more from affiliate marketing than you do now.   Why should you listen to Andy? Andy is the top 100 Clickbank affiliate who [...]

Super Affiliate Guy Video Course Review

I got to know Andy Grand in Super Fast Results  private coaching forum, run by him and Australian internet marketing millionaire James Schramko. Andy was always giving great tips on affiliate marketing strategy and soon I found out that he is one of the top 100 affiliates in Clickbank and makes thousands of dollars in [...]