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All about Gary Halbert

Gary Halbert (1938-2007) is described as the king of copywriting. John Carlton's teacher and one of the mentors of many current influential internet marketers, including Joe Polish or James Schramko. He worked together with another incredible businessman, internet marketing expert and genius Jay Abraham. Over the years Gary Halbert created and sent many valuable letters [...]

Thesis Theme SEO Framework New Video

Several weeks ago, I wrote about recent updates to Thesis theme SEO framework. Those who use it, have been waiting impatiently for the Thesis 2.0 version, which is expected to introduce revolutionary solutions. I’m one of such impatient Thesis users and lovers :). In the meantime, if you don’t have Thesis and consider buying it, [...]

Will Market Samurai become paid monthly service?

Market Samurai is the leading keyword search tool enabling you also to track your keywords, check the top ten competitors for a chosen keyword and to do some other things to thoroughly research your chosen niche and make good use of it. The software has been free if you wanted to use just the keyword [...]

New laptop backup tool review: Clickfee C6

If you have internet business - computer must be one of the most important tools you use in your business. That’s my case, especially that I travel a lot and carry it with me. I like exotic countries, where it’s hot, sunny and close to the beach. Unfortunately, many of such places aren’t usually safe. [...]

An extremely useful SEO plugin for WordPress

New wordpress plugins are being created every single day. Today I would like to recommend you 1 excellent SEO Wordpress plugin. SEO Yoast This free plugin is one of the most complex and best SEO solutions for on-page optimization. Yoast is a well-known expert in SEO. Yoast has an array of other great plugins. Some [...]