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Important Guidelines to Consider the WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress Website maintenance is often considered as a chore, but it is extremely necessary. Most WordPress sites, with a little extra care, can become unreliable and slow. If you are not maintaining your website, then you are inviting many nasty security issues. From a security viewpoint, a poorly maintained website can become your liability. Useless [...]

Best Keyword Search Tool Video

Right keyword research and competition analyzes are the core skills you need to master in internet marketing. They are also the starting point of any successful marketing campaign, of building a website, writing a sales letter or newsletter. Keyword research and competition analyzes are usually time consuming. When you do it the traditional way, you [...]

RSS Footer Plugin

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Each Wordpress blog has one automatically built-in RSS Feed. Proper usage of your blog’s RSS feed is another way of building backlinks, which helps your site get indexed faster, reach more people and enable them to subscribe to your blog. You can easily find your blog’s RSS Feed by [...]

WordPress for internet marketers – Leanne King Review WordPress Bible

Have you heard about Leanne King? If you want to learn how to use Wordpress in your internet marketing endeavors and to make money online, Leanne is the right person to learn from. She is well-known as a Wordpress Queen and she is an undeniable Wordpress expert. I know her from a private Internet Marketing [...]

Find out here if Roboform is the best Form Filler Software for you

Do you have a problem remembering all the usernames and passwords to your internet accounts? At a certain stage of internet use, both for personal and business purposes, there is a problem with remembering the numerous usernames and passwords for different accounts. In my case these are: webmail accounts, forum accounts, social bookmarking sites, Facebook, [...]