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Get a Self-Hosted Blog Done! Plus BONUS Offer!

Having your own professional blog using your own name as the domain with reliable hosting is an important tool nowadays both in creating and developing online and offline businesses. You can read more about the differences between self-hosted blogs built using software and blogs built on platforms provided by and google (blogspot) in my blog post: Blogging websites on wordpress org, wordpress com or blogspot com.

If you are interested in having your own professional, self-hosted blog and you are looking for an expert to help you build it, have a look at my offer:

I. Building a self-hosted blog:

1. I’ll start with researching the right keywords for your chosen blog’s niche. I’m using Market Samurai, Google Keyword Tool, Google Insights, Google Wonderwheel, analyzing the competition in your chosen niche.

2. I’ll choose the right search engine optimized domain name for your blog, if you don’t have one already. I’ll point the domain name to the server where you have your hosting.

3. Building a professional blog based on:

  • current version of software (this is the best software to build various types of websites, including blogs. It is easy to use and constantly updated  by the authors).
  • Thesis Theme installation (Thesis is a Premium paid Theme, currently the best search engine optimized WordPress Theme).

4. If you wish you can also choose among various skins for Thesis Theme and suggest their customization according to your needs and requirements.

5. Configuration and installation of standard, essential plugins for your blog (one of the best features of WordPress software is the level of changes you can make using the right plugins). I found and use the best plugins which will shape the layout of your blog and its SEO. I’ll use them on the blog built for you.

6. Configuration and installation of professional plugins according to your needs and requirements.

7. Blog security. I’ll protect your blog from hackers’ attacks, who can destroy your blog anytime and without any rational reason. To do that I’ll configure your .htaccess file and apply various other measurements of safety, including installing and configuring special plugins to make your blog safe, in exactly the same way as I protect all of my blogs. I’ll apply what I have learned from an excellent product of John Hoff called WP Defender. Read more about safety of your blog in my blog post: Is WordPress security of any importance to you?

8. Configuration of your permalinks structure (this is the way how pages and posts are displayed in address bar of the search engines. The permalink structure I’ll apply will enable displaying keywords in the titles, what is significantly important for the results in search engine rankings and gives you an edge over other websites’ owners).

9. I’ll install a special, reliable Pinglist (every time there is a new content on your blog, there will be a ping sent through services from the Pinglist, informing other places and search engines about new content on your blog. As a result your website will be indexed faster and also every time checked faster by them).

10. Google Analytics integration (I’ll teach you how to obtain a special code and how to install it on your blog and how to analyze the data produced by it).

11. Feedburner integration (I’ll teach you how to obtain special RSS feed for your blog and how to use its enormous importance for promotion of your blog)

12. Consultation on how to further use WordPress: how to make and edit new posts and pages, and publish them; how to install, configure and update plugins; how to optimize your posts for search engines, how to add images, audio and video files to your blog and other essential changes.

13. In addition to that, if you don’t have hosting or you need help with it, I’ll help you as well or provide you with the reliable hosting solutions which I use daily for all of my websites and blogs.


II. One-on-one coaching on how to build self-hosted blogs or static websites using software.

I’ll teach you how to build self-hosted blogs, so that you can use that knowledge to build as many blogs as you want on your own. We will go through all the steps I mentioned above or some of the issues chosen by you.

We will communicate over Skype at a time convenient for you.


If you are interested in my offer (either point I or II, or both) or if you have any questions related to that, leave me a message by filling the form below.

I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.



Choose either option I or option II of my service and you will get 2 hours of FREE coaching done by me, worth $199.00 (valid if purchased at least 3 hours of my consulting, mentioned in the point II)

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