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Important Guidelines to Consider the WordPress Website Maintenance

In Beginners, Wordpress & Blogging

The health and Security of your Website

WordPress Website maintenance is often considered as a chore, but it is extremely necessary. Most WordPress sites, with a little extra care, can become unreliable and slow. If you are not maintaining your website, then you are inviting many nasty security issues.

From a security viewpoint, a poorly maintained website can become your liability. Useless files and data can slow down the speed of your site. Unnecessary content such as comment span can slow down your site and also badly affect your search engine rankings. In fact, security faults can allow hackers to get into your site and spread malware. [click to continue…]

Optimizing Images Tips

In SEO, Wordpress & Blogging

Optimizing images

Search engines like Google index images (record and catalogue the image in their databases) like they index text. Having images on your website that are fully optimized for search engines can improve your site’s listing in SERPs (search engine result pages), giving your site a shot at being on the coveted page 1 or 2 of Google, for example.

For visitors to your website, articles with images can evoke emotion making the articles more memorable, and/or they can be very instructive if they’re part of a tutorial or showcasing a product, service, idea, etc. [click to continue…]

All about Gary Halbert

In IM Strategies, Mentors, Reviews

Gary Halbert (1938-2007) is described as the king of copywriting. John Carlton’s teacher and one of the mentors of many current influential internet marketers, including Joe Polish or James Schramko.

He worked together with another incredible businessman, internet marketing expert and genius Jay Abraham. [click to continue…]

Profitable business? How to get there

In Success, Video & Audio

Profitable business strategy

How to stand out

Starting a business is nowadays very easy and can be done in a few simple steps. The big challenge is to turn it into a profitable business.

Things to consider

1. What makes your business unique? Why should potential clients buy from you and not from your competitors? What are the values your business follows? Is your brand recognizable? [click to continue…]

Branded traffic vs SEO

In IM Strategies, SEO, Social Media

Branded traffic vs SEOGone for good are the days when website owners or their SEO person could buy any links to rank their websites for chosen keywords.

Now, after various Google algorithm updates, which continue, what matter the most is the content and how it is shared. The content must be original, informative, engaging and valuable, so that others want to share it, comment on it and talk about it.

There are of course niches, where the type of content doesn’t get shared that much (for example blogs about diapers, carpet cleaners and similar). But still great content published there helps them rank better in search engines. [click to continue…]